Baltimore Taxi, Bus, & Public Transportation Accident Lawyer

Ken C. GauveyPersonal Injury Attorney

When you hail a taxi or board a bus, the last thing you expect is to be injured in an accident. Unfortunately, passengers are injured in these kinds of accidents every day. This is especially true these days, thanks to the rise of transport companies like Lyft and Uber.

Liability in a Baltimore Taxi or Bus Accident

The most important thing in these kinds of cases is figuring out who the responsible parties are. Taxis are usually operated by private cab companies, while busses may be operated by a private charter company or by a state or local government. Companies like Lyft and Uber claim that their drivers are independent contractors, not employees; this means that you may have to make a claim against the driver of your vehicle after an accident, and not against the company you contracted with for the ride.

There are unique circumstances in some of these cases. If you’ve been injured while you were a passenger on a public vehicle such as a bus, a subway car, or the Light Rail in Baltimore, at least one of the drivers involved in the accident will have been an employee of a state or local government. There are special laws that govern these kinds of accidents, and timely notice of your claim must be filed in writing within a certain period of time afterward. These claim notice deadlines are extremely important! If you fail to make written notice of your claim within the time period required, you may not be able to recover from the government entity responsible for the public vehicle in which you were injured.


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