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Ken C. GauveyPersonal Injury Attorney

The inevitable truth is that all businesses will have legal issues that need to be addressed. It is almost always better to address those issues early on to avoid problems. Whether an employer is seeking to protect clients and valued employees, or is growing and must address the additional legal hurdles that arise from expanding the workforce, proper legal planning can save a business.
The legal landscape for small businesses and start-ups can be daunting. A critical element in seeking to expand your business is protecting clients and business processes through strategies such as non-compete agreements. However, equally important is complying with state and federal regulations, and protecting the company from employment litigation. Other issues can involve avoiding unlawful competitions issues, dealing with lease issues, independent contractors and vendor agreements.
The number of legal issues facing a new and growing business can be seemingly prohibitive. That is why we see ourselves as partners helping businesses grow. Our goal is to be a catalyst to help our clients succeed. To that end, we go above and beyond to ensure our clients have the proper legal support they need to be successful. Businesses need to know their attorney is on their side.
Contact us to help with:

• Non-Compete Agreements
• Employee Handbooks
• Legal Thresholds in Hiring Employees
• Avoiding Discrimination Issues
• Preventing and Defending Against Wage and Hour Litigation
• Independent Contractor Issues
• Legal Issues in Marketing
• State and Federal Regulations

Picking a Corporate form in Maryland

Every business began as someone’s idea. Even the most successful businesses in the world began with an idea. Once you have an idea one of the first decisions that you have to make a business owner is what corporate form you should choose. There are several corporate forms in Maryland, and each offers its own advantages and perhaps disadvantages. Taking an idea and transforming it into a successful business is not something that can be done overnight and there are numerous important considerations that need to be addressed such ease of corporate formation, liability, taxation, suitability, future plans, ease of sale, transfer, and dissolution.
At the Law Office of Ken Gauvey, we have helped small business owners all across Maryland transform their ideas for a business into a running company. We are committed to helping you identify the corporate form that will be most advantageous for your business and have experience helping start the following Maryland businesses:

• Sole proprietorships
• General partnerships
• Limited liability partnerships
• Corporations
• Close Corporations
• S Corporation
• Professional Corporations

Running a business requires a lot of work and effort, and there are many things to consider before you decide to enter into the business world. Ken Gauvey offers years of experience as a corporate attorney and brings his dedication and commitment to excellent service to help address all issues that arise when starting your business.

Corporation Formation

The corporation form of business is perhaps the most widely known of all the business types in Maryland. Ken Guavey has worked with many corporations in their infancy and has advised numerous publicly traded and privately operating companies. Maryland Corporations are created by statutory language and offer numerous benefits such as:

• Separate taxation
• Limited Liability for shareholders
• Personal assets are protected
• Allows for investors to put money in your business

However, the corporate form is not always the most advantageous business model to take. Incorporating in Maryland as a corporation can be expensive with state filing fees, franchise taxes, and other government fees. Not only is there an expense attached, but there are numerous other concerns including properly filing documents and taxation concerns. Ken Gauvey has used his experience as a corporate and business attorney to help people all across Maryland Identify the documents necessary for forming a corporation Including:

• Draft Articles of Incorporation
• Bylaws
• Corporate Minutes
• Stock Certificates
• Liability waivers and releases
• Taxation documents

Ken Gauvey regularly works closely with both companies and entrepreneurs on transforming their ideas into a full-fledged corporation. Using thorough planning and addressing pressing legal concerns, Ken Gauvey has helped business owners devise a strategy and start their company. Even if your corporation has been established and running, Ken Gauvey offers corporate oversight and can help your corporate address any legal concern.
If you are thinking about starting a corporation or business you need to address all the possible contingencies and prepare for running a business in Maryland. Ken Gauvey has the experience working with entrepreneurs, sole owners, and other businesses that are ready to incorporate in Maryland.


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