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Ken C. GauveyPersonal Injury Attorney

If you’ve been injured while you were visiting another person’s home or business, you may be entitled to damages. In Maryland, the owner of a home or business is responsible for keeping the premises safe. What is considered “safe” varies, though, depending on the legal status of the person who’s been hurt. There are three categories of visitors: business invitee, licensee, and trespasser. Most people will be considered wither invitees or licensees, and a property owner will generally be held responsible for their injuries.

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It is very important to retain an attorney to represent you if you’ve been injured while on someone’s else’s property. That’s because insurance companies may argue that you were trespassing when you were injured, or may try to exploit an old common law rule known as the contributory negligence defense in these cases. Contributory negligence is any kind of negligence, no matter how minor or slight, on the part of the accident victim that leads to the accident. If the other party can prove any contributory negligence on the part of the claimant, the claimant is barred from recovering anything for his or her injuries. Many premises accidents occur when someone falls. Falls are often caused by a business owner’s failure to clean up a slippery floor or failure to prevent ice build-up in a parking lot.  Insurance companies often argue that people should know, or expect, slippery conditions and that therefore they shouldn’t be held responsible when someone falls. Baltimore premises liability lawyer Ken Gauvey can help you avoid that issue if you’ve been hurt.


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