Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Motorcycle Insurance Coverage in Maryland

One of the quirks in motorcycle law in Maryland is the lack of personal injury protection (PIP) in insurance policies.  PIP is generally a part of an insurance policy that provides for a small amount of money to cover immediate medical expenses after an accident.  These funds are not dependent on who is at fault.  PIP is mandatory for automobile policies in Maryland.  It is not required for motorcycle policies.

Baltimore motorcycle accident injury lawyer Ken Gauvey is here to explain how personal injury protection and motorcycle insurance coverage intertwines for accidents in Maryland.

What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?

PIP provides necessary relief from short term medical expenses after an automobile accident due to other’s negligence.  Personal Injury cases do not provide quick relief.  Indeed, negligence matters may take months to even start the negotiations because the medical treatment must be completed.  Alternatively, in negligence matters, if future treatment can be anticipated, this can provide an alternative means of negotiations.  Even when negotiations have begun, they may not end quickly or successfully.  Often, lawsuits will need to be instituted when insurance companies attempt to low-ball offers.  As such, PIP provides short term relief from medical bills that may take months to fully recover.

A trend in negotiating with insurance companies, especially when motorcycle accidents are involved, is for the insurance providers to make offers that just cover the medical expenses, or even less.  This kind of conduct ensures that the insureds end up in debt after being injured by the negligence of another.  Not only does this issue need to be addressed in terms of motorcycle accidents, but it is the primary reason that a personal injury attorney can often get a better result than doing this process on your own

Motorcyclists and PIP Coverage

As indicated above, PIP options are typically not available in the case of motorcycle accidents. This places a tremendous burden on motorcyclists involved in accidents as a result of others negligence.  Unfortunately, this means that often medical providers will threaten collections as they are waiting months for the payment of medical bills.  An attorney can often get medical providers to put holds on such actions pending the successful resolution of a case.

On the other hand, there are some insurance provisions that can provide relief, eventually.  While not required by law, motorcycle insurance can provide uninsured motorist benefits, though at an increase to the insurance policy cost.  These insurance riders can cover personal injuries resulting from an uninsured motorist.  They can also provide recovery options for damage to property caused by an uninsured motorist.  These are additional coverage options above and beyond coverage for damage to other’s property, and injury coverage when an insured driver is at issue.  However, they do require a rider to ask for these options from the insurance company.   While they do drive up the cost of insurance, they provide a huge amount of protection in the case of motorcycle accidents.

These issues with medical care and the bills that come with it can create a complex a difficult web that is almost impossible to negotiate on your own.  That is why that as soon as practicable, individuals involved in a motorcycle accident should contact competent counsel who is aware of these complexities.  Counsel can work with healthcare providers with the bills resulting from the accidents.  Moreover, in the vast majority of cases, an individual suffering from another’s negligence can recover much more if an attorney is involved.

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