Baltimore Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Ken C. GauveyPersonal Injury Attorney

Pedestrians are struck by vehicles almost every day. The injuries resulting from these kinds of accidents may be very serious or life-threatening. These kinds of accidents often occur in cities but they can occur anywhere.

It’s very important to retain an attorney to represent you if you’ve been struck by a vehicle while crossing or walking along a roadway. That’s because insurance companies try to exploit an old common law rule known as the contributory negligence defense in these cases. Contributory negligence is any kind of negligence, no matter how minor or slight, on the part of the accident victim that leads to the accident. If the other party can prove any contributory negligence on the part of the claimant, the claimant is barred from recovering anything for his or her injuries. Many pedestrian accidents take place when a person tries to cross the street outside of a marked crosswalk, and insurance companies often argue that doing that amounts to contributory negligence.

Baltimore, Maryland Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Offering Free Consultations

If you’ve been struck by a vehicle, don’t assume that you won’t be permitted to recover for your injuries even if that’s what the driver’s insurance company tells you. Contact the Law Practice of Ken C. Gauvey today to discuss your claim.


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