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Immigration options for highly valued employees are limited. The most severe job shortages in the U.S. also have some of the fewest options to bring in foreign nationals to fill those positions. For example, each state has an option to hire 30 foreign national doctors out of residency each year through the Conrad Waiver program. These 30 doctors can do little to overcome the severe shortage of health-care providers in the U.S. as more individuals have insurance and doctors begin to retire. The most common means of hiring foreign nationals in highly coveted positions is the H-1B program. However, the program is limited to 65,000 visas a year to cover everything from doctors, to researchers and scientists, to engineers, teachers, and even models. In recent years, the H-1B cap has been reached within hours of accepting applications each year.
However, there are strategies and options available to employers in navigating the complicated employment-based immigration landscape. For example, there are strategies to exempt doctors from the H-1B cap such as the National Interest Waiver, or employment with non-profit organizations. Employers may be able to bring in highly valued employees through other immigration options.
The importance of an immigration attorney willing to review the particulars of an individual case cannot be overstated. Immigration laws are constantly evolving through new interpretations and even internal agency changes. Each time an employer seeks to hire a highly-valued employee these changes must be evaluated to ensure the proper and most cost-effective avenues of employment-based immigration are utilized.

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