Baltimore Construction Accident Lawyer

Ken C. GauveyPersonal Injury Attorney

An active building site involves a multitude of entities: the general contractor and various subcontractors; vendors, suppliers, distributors and delivery companies; inspectors, architects, engineers, permitters. Each and every one of these entities has different duties and obligations. Further, these parties almost always operate pursuant to complex agreements, or contracts, to indemnify or to be indemnified in the event of an accident or other adverse event. Indemnification is a legal principle whereby one party agrees to be responsible for certain kinds of injuries or losses. The scheme of insurance pertaining to construction is also highly specialized. Contractors may be covered under various liability insurance policies, or under specific construction bonds. Liability insurance and bonds work differently, and anyone seeking to trigger coverage under one or the other must be familiar with notice and other requirements under both.

Common Causes of Construction Accident Injuries in Maryland

Under Maryland law, if you have been injured on the job you cannot file a lawsuit against your employer for damages. You must pursue a workers compensation claim. However in construction accident cases there are often multiple non-employer parties who may have contributed to an accident. Construction accident claims may result from:

  • Explosions
  • Crane collapses
  • Trench collapses
  • On site truck or motor vehicle accidents
  • Heavy machinery accidents or malfunctions
  • Burns
  • Electrocution
  • Tool malfunctions and accidents

Baltimore, Maryland Construction Site Injury Lawyer Offering Free Consultations

You may pursue both a workers compensation claim against your employer following a construction accident and a claim against other third parties who are responsible for your injuries. If you are awarded money in a workers compensation claim, your employer will have a lien against any recovery from other parties. There are notice and other time-sensitive requirements for pursuing a workers compensation claim. Additionally, there is often important evidence at the accident site which must be observed and preserved in order to successfully pursue your claim. Therefore, if you have been injured on the job site it is important that you contact an attorney right away to protect your rights.


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